What is this course about?

Robotics programme has different levels of courses based on one’s pre knowledge and age.

Beginners can start this programme at an age of 10yrs and above. Our Engineers will give you the knowledge to develop the Robots from scratch i.e. from basic assembling and getting knowledge of each and every components to program the robot and give it a vision.

This programme is suitable for a wide range of audience. Beginners with a passionate inclination towards robotics can start from an age of 10 years. Higher levels of the programme are suitable for any engineering (any stream including electronics, telecommunication, electrical, mechanical and computer engineering) undergraduate, science undergraduate or any hobbyist with some prior knowledge of C programming and a passion for Robotics.

The purpose of this course is to help you build your own robotics projects, with increasing level of competence and complexity. You will be provided with robotic kits, which will be assembled and programmed to get hands-on experience.

Courses Available

Robotic for Beginners
  • O - Level(Age >10yrs)
  • This course gives you the basic knowledge of Electronics and Robots for the beginners.

  • A - Level(Age >14yrs)

This course teaches you how to program your Robot and make it work as per your requirement.

Matlab with Robotics

This course helps to understand how matlab is used in robotics


Next Level Robotics
  • Standard (Autonomous robot)
  • In this course you will build various autonomous robot with the help of sensors

  • Advance

In this course you will learn to build various robots and protocols used to communicate two robots.

Embedded Systems with Robotics

This course will give you the upper hand in Embedded systems and Robotics.