• Students of all branches of engineering.
  • Professionals who wants to learn about Matlab and Robotics
  • All aspirants to who are interested in Matlab with Robotics

What is this course about?

From designing to simulation, from prototyping to testing algorithms; the world of robotics is getting complex with each passing day. This detail-oriented course is designed to teach simulation and modelling techniques of a robot using MATLAB. After an understanding of MATLAB programming, students are further taught about various other aspects such as image processing, machine learning and knowledge management. The fine professionals, team-leaders and teachers at TIMTS, make sure to provide a high-end training program that helps the robotics and MATLAB enthusiasts have a better grasp over the subject and make their space in the professional field.



What will Course Contain?

  • Introduction To MATLAB
  • Introduction To Microcontrollers
  • Handling Data & Data Flow In MATLAB
  • Image Processing In MATLAB
  • Image Acquisition Toolbox In MATLAB
  • Introduction To Arduino
  • Sensor, Transducers & Actuators
  • Getting Started: I/O Peripherals On Board
  • Serial Communication Programming
  • Hardware Interface With MATLAB
  • Live Projects

Matlab with Robotics

Course Highlights

Course Curriculum

Introduction To MATLAB

  • Introduction to Matlab
  • Historical Background
  • Demo & Applications
  • Scope of MA TLAB
  • Importance to Engineers
  • Features
  • Vectors & Arrays
  • Accessing MA TLAB Help
  • MATLAB Environment
  • Workspace & Managing Variables
  • Operations with Variables

Introduction To Microcontrollers

  • Introduction to Embedded Systems
  • Introduction of Microprocessor
  • Introduction of Microcontrollers
  • Microcontroller Vs. Microprocessor
  • Why Arduino?

Handling Data & Data Flow in MATLAB

  • Data Types
  • Operators & Precedence of Operators
  • Matrix Operations
  • Arithmetic Operations

Introduction Of Arduino IDE

  • Why Arduino IDE?
  • Benefits of Arduino IDE over Assembly
  • Constants, Variables & Data Types
  • Operators
  • Arithmetical Operator
  • Logical Operator
  • Bitwise Operators
  • Control Statement and Loops
  • If
  • Switch
  • For
  • While
  • Do While

Sensor, Transducers & Actuators

  • Introduction to sensors
  • Different kinds of sensors available in market (IR sensor etc.)
  • Various uses of sensor
  • Introduction to transducers
  • Different kinds of transducers available in market (Ultra Sonic transducer, etc.)
  • Uses of transducers
  • Introduction to Actuators
  • Different kinds of Actuators available in market ( DC / AC Motors etc.)
  • Uses of Actuators
  • Selection of sensor/transducer/Actuators according to projects

Getting Started: I/O Peripherals On Board


  • Switch
  • IR sensor
  • Algebraic Operations
  • Symbolic Operations

Image Processing in MATLAB

  • Introduction to Image Processing
  • Image Representation
  • Image Operations
  • Image Conversion
  • Symbolic Operations

Image Acquisition Toolbox in MATLAB

  • Device info of Camera
  • Camera Id
  • Supported Format
  • Image Capture

Introduction To Arduino

  • Introduction to Arduino Family
  • Block Diagram of Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega
  • PIN Description of Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega
  • Understating GPIO
  • Special Features of Arduino UNO and Arduino Mega


  • Motors
  • LED
  • LCD
  • Seven Segment Display
  • Relay

Serial Communication Programming

  • Using UART
  • Analog/Digital
  • Serial/Parallel
  • Synchronous/Asynchronous
  • Whats RF module?
  • Lets setup program for RF
  • Learn Bluetooth communication

Hardware Interface with MATLAB

  • Interfacing Arduino with MATLAB using serial commination
  • Controlling LED, LCD, motor,Relay over MATLAB

Live Projects

  • LED Blinking
  • Sensor Interfacing
  • DC Motor Driving
  • Line Follower using two IR-Sensor
  • SERIAL Communication in MATLAB
  • MATLAB GUI Controlled Robot
  • Color controlled Robot using Image Processing (6th Sense)