• Students
  • Working Graduates
  • Professionals
  • All aspirants to learn Graphic designing

What is this course about?

Illustrator is a web based application which used by graphic designers, creative professionals, artists to generate vector-based graphics. The graphics schemed by using illustrator are generally used for logos and brand-designs in print as well as digital form. Our cadre at StudyHub make sure that they facilitate the flow of information comprehensively and follow a career-promising approach. This course is meticulously designed to train the students about the tools and techniques and use the software to the entire expanse



What will Course Contain?

  • Introducing Illustrator
  • The Bridge
  • Workspace & Navigation
  • Symmetrical Shapes
  • Fill, Stroke and Color
  • Transforming Paths
  • Using the Powerful Pen Tool
  • Selecting Points and Paths
  • Pathfinder Operations
  • Liquefy & Envelope
  • Creating and Formatting Type