• Students of all branches of engineering.
  • Working Graduates
  • Professionals
  • All aspirants who are interested in Quadcopter

What is this course about?

Quadcopter (from Quad “four” and Copter “helicopter”) is an aerial robot combining a simple propeller mechanism with powerful electronics for limitless real-world applications. It is an embedded system comprising of microcontrollers, sensors, flight gear and other integrated components.

This workshop helps participants to develop a Quadcopter project from scratch while understanding the various engineering concepts in making a working Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. Developing a Quadcopter provides the right kind of hands-on application that an Engineering student needs!



What will Course Contain?

  • Build and Test your own Quadcopter
  • Introduction to design and development of Multi Rotor Vehicles
  • Understanding the Electronics circuitry involved in Quadrotor
  • Learn about Stability and Control of Drones
  • Learn about the working of sensors like Accelerometer and Gyroscopes
  • Hands-on experience on DC motors, ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers) and Quadcopter Embedded control board


Course Curriculum

An Introduction
  • What is Quadcopter?
  • Introduction
  • Why Quadcopter
  • Wide applications
  • Quadcopter control flow
  • Overview
  • Types
  • Frame materials
  • Structural Designs
  • How to chose among designs
  • Overview
  • Working & importance
  • Propellers: Physics
  • Propellers: Types
  • Propellers: Pitch & diameter
  • How to chose correct propeller
  • What is ESC
  • ESC: Working
  • What’s inside ESC
  • ESC: Features
  • What is Motor
  • BLDC vs Stepper Motor
  • Introduction to BLDC
  • BLDC: Working Phenomenon
  • BLDC: Elusive features
  • BLDC: Structural designs
  • Orientation and alignment of CW & CCW
  • Introduction
  • Naza M-Lite
  • Interfacing ESC
  • Setting up calibration in software
  • Setting up GPS
Flight Dynamics
  • Flying mechanism
  • Rotor Position
  • Flying Axes
  • Flying Equations & Equilibrium
Power Supply
  • What is Lipo Battery?
  • How to Choose
  • Capacity
  • How to Safe guard LiPo Battery !!
Transmitter & Receiver
  • Receiver PINS
  • Connection with ESC
  • Motor Synchronization
  • Transmitter Controls
  • Transmitter Setting
  • Flying Session