financial journalism



Need for the Program

The current crisis in global banking, markets and economies has reminded us of the importance of financial journalism. It has also raised a set of profoundquestions as to the quality of that form of reporting. It does make us ask about the ability of journalism to report upon financial affairs in a way that lets the public know what is really going on. This program will helpparticipants develop a range of professional journalism skills and knowledge needed to work in a fast-paced financial environment.


financial journalism

Why is this a Competitive Course?

This course will provide the participants with an extensive training in the best professional practice of reporting financial news. The finance journalism course takes the principles of general news reporting covered in the reporting syllabus and applies them to the full range of finance reporting.

Participants will develop professional skills in

  • Interviewing financial experts
  • Researching financial data
  • Writing financial news and features
  • Gain understanding of how to obtain and use key economic and financial data, using state-of-the art bloomberg terminals.
  • Finding stories and features and explain complex economic terms so readers can understand them
financial journalism

Target Audience

This course is suitable for journalists who want to specialise in financial journalism, and for individuals with a background in the financial sector who want to work as journalists.

Course Methodology

The course uses a mix of interactive techniques, through interactive sessions and hands-on projects. Our learn-by-doing approach is the most effective way to learn to Financial Journalism.

Program USP

While many traditional roles in newsrooms are disappearing, financial journalism is growing. The Financial Journalism course is a unique programme that aims to train the participant to work as a financial journalist and will provide the participant with a firm grounding in corporate, financial and economic reporting, the ability to understand and manipulate financial data and to critically analyse announcements by companies and government departments. The participant will learn to discover the world of markets and companies, international trade and government policy, where there is always the next assignment to chase.



1. Orientation on fundamentals of Journalism (10hrs)

  • Understanding of practical experience in financial journalism.
  • The financial markets and media
  • Understanding financial statements
  • Reporting on strategy and business ethics

3. Journalistic writing skills (10hrs)

  • Basic report writing
  • Primary research
  • Secondary research
  • Extracting relevant information
  • Removing noise
  • Innovative ways of sourcing (Bloomberg)

5. Accounting &Financial reporting (8hrs)

  • Latest updates on financial reporting including formats of financial statements
  • Overview of developments in accounting standards
  • Highlights of annual report & disclosures
  • Reporting as per Listing agreement

7. Reporting through live media (8hrs)

  • Introduction to different media: print, television, radio, documentaries

2. Macro & International Economics (14hrs)

  • Fiscal & Monetary Policy, Development economics, Central & state finances
  • Analysing the implications of policy statements
  • Viewing experts comments
  • Building opinion
  • Foreign Exchange market, International capital market
  • International institutions and their monetary policies
  • Economic indicators

4. Banking &Finance (10hrs)

  • Indian banking structure
  • Major banking trends
  • Overview of key aspects of banking including regulations and Basel framework
  • Monitoring role of RBI - credit policies and its impact on economy
  • Practical exposure – Reading Newsletters, daily newspapers
  • Tracking major economic events (e.g. credit policy of RBI, interest rate scenarios)

6. Interviewing skills (10hrs)

  • Indian banking structure
  • o Preparing a relevant questionnaire
  • Topics related to finance – Interviewing a financial market expert
  • Topics related to economics – interviewing economists
  • Taking minutes of the interview
  • Practical exposure – Videos

8. Journalistic code of conduct & ethics (10hrs)

  • Evolution and purpose of codes of journalism
  • Accuracy and standards for factual reporting
  • Presentations
  • Standards and ethics
  • Practical exposure - Case studies - Ethical dilemma