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  • All aspirants to learn Graphic designing

What is this course about?

When we talk about Graphic design software CorelDraw Graphics is a must. It includes all the tools for illustration, layout, photo editing, web graphics and designing. CorelDraw is a vector graphic editor, which is suitable for professional designing, vector illustration, and photo editing and page layout. At Studyhub we offer CorelDraw course that gives you a complete idea about creative designing. If you want to create and design your own web page, you must definitely opt for our CorelDraw designing course. Learn CorelDraw online from the best professionals in the industry. Get introduced to the varied tools used in CorelDraw and use them to create innovative designs. CorelDraw learning at TIMTS lets you brush your knowledge in basics of computer illustration. Create fabulous designs using clip art, objects, color, text, special effects and many more interesting design tools. Let your creativity out with CorelDraw courses at TIMTS.



What will Course Contain?

Module I

  • Introduction to Corel Draw
  • Rectangle tools
  • 3 Point Rectangle
  • Rectangle Tool Properties
  • Polygen
  • Basic Shade
  • Virtual Classroom Training

Module II

  • Text Tools
  • Text with Shape
  • Interactive Blank Tools
  • Interactive contour tool
  • Envelope Tools
  • Transparency tool
  • Curve Tools
  • Mesh Fill Tool
  • Virtual Classroom Training

Module III

  • Outline Tools
  • Outline Color Dialog
  • Outline color width & height
  • Drop Shadow
  • Extrude Tool
  • Fill Tools
  • Pattern Fill Tool
  • Fill Texter Dialog
  • Docker window
  • Virtual Classroom Training

Module IV

  • Shape Tool
  • SmudgeTool
  • Roughen Brush
  • Zoom & Handsfree
  • Eraser Tool
  • Crop & Knife Tool
  • Smart Fill & Drawing Tool
  • Guideline Tool
  • Virtual Classroom Training