• Students pursuing engineering program
  • Working Graduates
  • Fresh Engineering Graduates

What is this course about?

This course is precisely designed to provide a competing edge in the international IT arena and groom the students to become the finest web designers across the board. Exceptionally structured module makes sure that the course is delivered in a manageable way. The IT sector is expected to grow even more dramatically in the course of next two years generating great employment opportunities. The skill set required for making eye-catchy and user-friendly websites and programs is enhanced opening brighter job prospects and freelancing opportunities for the young professionals.



What will Course Contain?

  • Introduction to Web Development
  • Introduction to HTML
  • Introduction to CSS and Javascript
  • Server Side Development – PHP

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Web Development

  • General Introduction about web pages.
  • Client Side VS Server side
  • What are web HTML, CSS and Javascript
  • What tools do we need to build a web page?

Introduction to HTML

  • Tags and Attributes, Basic Tags Paragraph and Heading Tags, Comments
  • Ordered and Unordered Lists and Related Tags, Nested Lists
  • Hyperlinks in HTML
  • Tables in HTML and related tags
  • Marquee
  • Java Applet
  • HTML Page Frames
  • Image Mapping
  • Forms and Form Objects
  • Inserting Sound and Video
  • Use of Unicode and Indian Language Fonts
  • Cross-Browser Testing

Introduction to CSS

  • Introduction to CSS

Introduction to Javascript

  • Difference between Java and JavaScript, JavaScript as a scripting language
  • JavaScript Basic Syntax
  • Insertion of JavaScript in HTML

Server Side Development – PHP

  • Sitting and Configuring work Environment
  • PHP Syntax, Variables, Operators, etc
  • PHP Functions
  • PHP with Forms
  • PHP Server Variables